This is agreement made and executed by and between__________________________________________________________________________________________________ 

 _________________ Citizen presently residing _____________________________________________ Here in after called the RENTER and VARRON CAR RENTAL COMPANY (VARRON) duly organized and existing under and by virtue of the law of the Philippines, herein represented by its operation manager ________________________________________ , herein called COMPANY. WITNESSETH The COMPANY hereby leases to the RENTER the vehicle described on the front page hereof, subject to all the terms and conditions contained herein and consideration thereof, the RENTER acknowledges and agrees:

 1.     To pay in accordance with stipulations and computation contained in the front page hereof; 

2.     That the RENTER will return said vehicle, together with all the original tires, tools accessories and equipment to the COMPANY’s office in the city where the subject vehicle          was rented or as otherwise specified in the front page and on the date specified in the front page hereof, or sooner, upon demand of the COMPANY;

 3.     That the RENTER confirms that he/she/it have received said vehicle in good order and condition and further acknow2ledges liability for the cost petrol and oil consumed          during the rental duration;

 4.     That the said vehicle shall not be operated in such manner as in the following cases; 

                A.     To carry passengers or property for  consideration, either express or simplified,

                 B.     By any person who was given a fictitious name, false age or address to the COMPANY,

                 C.     To propel or tow any vehicle or trailer,

                 D.     In motor sports events,

                 E.     To travel to banawe, Mountain Province or any other location where roads are impossible for cars or vans to drive,

                 F.     To ferry the rented vehicle to any island of the Philippines or abroad.

                 G.     To transport goods in violation of laws, customs, regulations, or in any other illegal manner,     To violate according speed limit & imposed by COMPANY’s at maximum of 100 km /hr but still according to provision  of the speed limit of the road must be execute     at all the times.

                 H.     By any person under the influence of alcohol or drugs; provided that, the subject vehicle will be operated only by the RENTER whose specified in the contract;     Provided further, that the said representative is duly licensed driver who is 25 years of age or older;

 Provided more still, that the COMPANY’s permission be  obtained first; Provided last, that said representative must  be:

               1.     An employee of the RENTER in the course of such employment, either regular or casual for company renter only

               2.     A member of the RENTERS immediate family; not applicable 

5.     That the RENTER expressly acknowledges personal ability to pay the COMPANY upon demand:

                 A.     All kilometrage and charges computed at the rate specified in the front page hereof covered by said vehicle during the term of the rental, (the number of kilometer     kilometer over which said vehicle shall have been operated under this rental agreement shall be determined by reading the odometer installed by manufacturer, if     the downtime fails, the kilometer charges shall be made in accordance with the road map distance of the journey traveled),

                 B.      Downtime, collision, damages and miscellaneous charges at the rate specified of the front page hereof,

                 C.      All fines excluding court fees, parking fees, costs incidental to traffic or illegal violations assessed against sai9d vehicle, RENTER or lessee during the term of the                          agreement, and other incidental expenses through the fault of the RENTER,

                 D.     COMPANY’s cost of repairs due to collision or upset damages to said vehicle, irrespective or whatever the RENTER is at fault or not; provided, however, if the said                          vehicle is operated in accordance with all the terms hereof, the RENTER liability for such damage shall be:

               1.     Limited to the first 50% equivalent for cost of repairs,

               2.     Waived if the Renter has purchased in advance the Collision Damages Waiver as evidenced by his/her/its initial provided for in the front page hereof,          opposite the word “ACCEPTS”;

 6.     That the failure of the RENTER to pay obligation after the expiration of this agreement shall make him liable for the payment of 30% is liquidated per month as liquidated         damages without need of any notice or demand;

 7.     The RENTER shall participate as though an insured in an automobile insurance policy wherein the COMPANY is the true insured, a copy of which is made to be available for          by the RENTER at the office headquarters of the COMPANY. Said policy covers, in respect of the RENTER, body injury or death liability up to a limit P20, 000.00. That the          RENTER is likewise bound by and agrees to the terms and conditions contained therein, is understood by the RENTER to be that the said policy is the standard motor vehicle          policy in accordance with the laws of the Philippines. The RENTER agrees further to protect the interest of the COMPANY and its insurance company in case of accident          during the term of this rental by: 

                A.     Obtaining the names and addresses or parties involved and the necessary witnesses,

                 B.     Not admitting liability or guilt,

                 C.     Not not abandoning said vehicles without adequate provisions for safe guarding and should also secure the same,

                 D.     giving  detailed report/s including diagram/s, even in case of slight damage, and within 24 hours, must inform the company personally or by the telephone thru the                          thru the nearest COMPANY station of such accident during the term of this rental by:

                 E.     Notifying the police immediately especially if the other party’s guilt has to be ascertained and/or if people are injured; 8.     Upon the expiration of the stipulated period of rental, the RENTER shall immediately return the vehicle rented. Should he/she/it fail to do so, he/she/it shall pay, by way of         penalty, an additional 30% of the accumulated charges until the vehicles shall have been returned to the COMPANY as liquidated damages; 9.     That the RENTER declares that no COMPANY or underwriter, in connection with any motor insurance for the RENTER, has at any time:

                 A.     Declined any of his/her/its proposals,

                 B.     Required the RENTER to carry the first portion of any loss,

                 C.     refused to renew any policy; 

10.    That the RENTER hereby releases COMPANY from any form any liability for loss or damage of the property left, stored or transposed by the RENTER or by any other person in           or upon vehicle   before or during of this rental up to the return of the subject vehicle to the COMAPANY. The RENTER further agrees to hold the COMPANY harmless from           and to defend and indemnify the COMPANY against all claims and cost based or arising out such loss or damage; 

11.    That the COMPANY, while taking all precautions and using its best effort to prevent such unfortunate happening/s, shall not be liable for the mechanical failure of said           vehicle and from consequential damages. The RENTER shall not make any claim for the damages against the COMPANY for delay brought by break down or accident and that           RENTER shall pay for damage/s to the car resulting from his/he/its own negligence;

 12.     That the renter shall not assign, sell, mortgage, pledge, or even unilaterally change or alter this AGREEMENT as well as the subject Vehicle its locks, equipment or any part of            the same vehicle otherwise deal with the same in any manner inconsistent with the COMPANY’s ownership. When not in use, RENTER shall always lock and secure said             vehicle;

 13.    In the event of the RENTER hiring of a roof rack for use and the said vehicle, he/she/it releases the COMPANY from all any liability for damages or claims arising directly or            indirectly from the use thereof;

 14.    That additions to and alterations of the terms and conditions of this AGREEMENT shall be null and void unless agreed upon writing;

 15.    That this AGREEMENT shall be construed in accordance with laws of the Philippines; 

16.    That the PARTIES hereto adopts all stipulation, terms and conditions appearing of the front page of this AGREEMENT as an integral part hereof; 

17.     In case collection of the RENTER’s obligation/s should be referred to a lawyer, it is agreed that 10% of such obligations/s shall be due as attorney’s fees; provided, that in            case of suits arising out of or in connection of this AGREEMENT, venue is agreed upon to be with the courts of the city MANILA only that it is hereby further agreed that            attorney’s fees shall be paid of the rate of 25% of the amount/s due, but in no case shall be less than P5,000.00;

 18.     Prices of rental is subject to change with prior notice;

 19.     FLAT TIRES, BUSTED TIRES OR RUNNING FLAT are for the account of the RENTER when the damages arise during the period of rental; unusual damage of the vehicle due to            abnormal use shall be at renter’s account. 

20.     Non-payment of rental fee/s on their date/s shall be penalized P300.00 per day until the said rental fee is updated thru payment by the RENTER;

 21.     If RENTER pays thru check and the check is dishonored by reason of stopped payment, account closed or because of being drawn against insufficient funds, the company            shall chargeP900.00 to the issuer of check or the RENTER as penalty. This is without prejudice to the institution of possible criminal action; 

22.     Insurance coverage can be purchased only by drivers aged 27 years old or above;

 23.     In case of total loss of vehicle due to fortuitous event, The RENTER shall pay the COMPANY the full value of the vehicle at the time of rental; 

24.     In case the subject vehicle is stolen or carnapped, the RENTER shall pay the COMPANY the full market value of the vehicle within (10) days from the date the vehicle was            stolen or carnapped;

 25.     In case standard accessories and car parts such as, but not limited to: stereo, speakers, CD player, side and Rear View Mirror/s, Lighter, Fog lights, third break, Molding,            Emblems, Center Cap, Gas Cap, etc. are lost or damaged during the lease of the subject vehicle by the RENTER, the RENTER shall be liable for such and shall pay the market            value of the such parts lost to the COMPANY; 

26.     This RENTAL AGREEMENT, once signed between RENTER and the COMPANY, may not be cancelled. If the RENTER cancels this AGREEMENT due to fortuitous events or for            any other reason that may arise, the COMPANY shall forfeit his/her/its rental fee payments; 

27.     In case of accident/s happening outside Metro Manila whereby damage had been inflicted upon the COMPANY’s unit/s or unit/s being managed by the COMPANY and said           units need to be towed back to either the COMPANY’s office or to Manila, towing charges, shall be paid by the RENTER without necessity of demand by the COMPAN

 28.    In case of the huge amounts of damages RENTER should pay 25% for the spare parts or at least Seven Thousand Five Hundred Pesos (7,500.00), whichever is higher; 

29.    RENTER must deposit and leave his/her passport voluntary with the COMPANY and may not retrieve the same until the subject car/s is/are returned without damage or           upon payment necessary damages contemplated above. 

This agreement may only be void or cancelled upon signing of the renter at below of this page.           

                       ____________________________________                                                     ____________________________________ 

                           Signature Over Printed Name of the Client                                                              Signature Over Printed Name of the 


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