Trucking Rates

Destination4 Wheeler6 Wheeler6 Wheeler Forward10 WheelerTotal KM
Metro ManilaPHP 3,500PHP 4,500PHP 7,500PHP 11,5001 - 50
Batangas, Batangas CityPHP 8,088.03PHP 10,143.63PHP 13,869.32PHP 18,264.69218
Batangas, LipaPHP 7,070.14PHP 9,871.27PHP 14,501.02PHP 15,349.73170
Cavite, BacoorPHP 4,544.25PHP 5,713.92PHP 7,114.41PHP 9,211.9854
Cavite, Cavite CityPHP 5,147.45PHP 8,467.92PHP 12,648.38PHP 17,795.6242
Cavite, DasmariñasPHP 5,222.85PHP 7,562.17PHP 10,809.05PHP 16,085.6178
Cavite, TagaytayPHP 6,089.95PHP 8,646.03PHP 11,978.61PHP 17,420.56142
Laguna, BiñanPHP 5,222.85PHP 7,562.17PHP 10,410.88PHP 13,085.6178
Laguna, CabuyaoPHP 5,486.75PHP 6,900PHP 9,700PHP 13,100.61106
Laguna, San PabloPHP 7,183.23PHP 9,012.63PHP 12,711.83PHP 17,625.52168
Laguna, Sta. CruzPHP 7,597.93PHP 9,900PHP 14,644.09PHP 18,379.71184
Laguna, Sta. RosaPHP 5,298.25PHP 7,656.40PHP 9,894.90PHP 12,375.61104
Quezon, AtimonanPHP 5,936.50PHP 12,206.71PHP 19,995.51PHP 28,700350
Quezon, LucenaPHP 8,380.52PHP 10,321.74PHP 16,225.55PHP 24,489.65280
Quezon, TagkawayanPHP 14,107.09PHP 16,210.73PHP 26,287.12PHP 42,700548
Bataas, BalangaPHP 10,197.15PHP 12,523.92PHP 18,472.95PHP 24,700232
Bataan, MarivelesPHP 11,969.02PHP 14,764.76PHP 20,903.75PHP 28,292.24340
Bulacan, Malolos7,181.17PHP 9,779.95PHP 10,93304PHP 13,797.2882
Bulacan, San RafaelPHP 7,708.96PHP 10,439.70PHP 12,252.52PHP 15,907.86106
Neuva Ecija, CabanatuanPHP 9,895.55PHP 13,172.92PHP 15,718.96PHP 20,317.32222
Olongapo, SubicPHP 10,347.94PHP 13,738.42PHP 16,849.95PHP 22,057.31318
Pampanga, AngelesPHP 8,689.16PHP 11,664.94PHP 12,702.99PHP 15,677.39168
Tarlac, TarlacPHP 10,234.85PHP 11,597.04PHP 16,567.20PHP 21,622.32256
Zambales, IbaPHP 13,439.31PHP 15,602.63PHP 24,578.36PHP 33,947.17464
Abra, BanguedPHP 21,677.84PHP 25,164.46PHP 41,861.26PHP 61,328.46812
Benguet, BaguioPHP 15,683.62PHP 19,671.68PHP 26,875.68PHP 38,700.48492
Ilocos Norte, LaoagPHP 24,505.31PHP 28,698.81PHP 48,929.93PHP 72,204.11964
Ilocos Sur, CandonPHP 19,341.48PHP 22,242.75PHP 36,017.83PHP 52,339.31684
Ilocos, ViganPHP 21,640.14PHP 25,117.35PHP 41,767.01PHP 61,184.24808
La Union, San FernandoPHP 16,399.90PHP 18,567.04PHP 28,666.40PHP 41,159.44552
Pangasinan, DagupanPHP 14,401.82PHP 16,069.44PHP 23,671.22PHP 33,344.53436
Pangasinan, UrdanetaPHP 13,120.04PHP 15,972.80PHP 20,466.75PHP 28,427.59372
Cagayan AparriPHP 28,803.06PHP 34,071PHP 59,674.32PHP 88,733.921170
Cagayan, TuguegaraoPHP 24,693.81PHP 28,934.43PHP 49,401.18PHP 72,929.09964
Isabela, CauayanPHP 20,358.36PHP 23,515.12PHP 38,562.55PHP 56,254.26800
Isabela, SantiagoPHP 18,737.28PHP 21,488.77PHP 34,509.85PHP 50,019.36718
Nueva Vizcaya, BayombongPHP 16,324.50PHP 19,472.79PHP 28,477.92PHP 40,739.44592
Albay, LegaspiPHP 24,638.15PHP 27,012.27PHP 59,207.43PHP 83,919.01956
Albay, TabacoPHP 24,902.03PHP 25,276.17PHP 55,904.36PHP 82,933.98932
Camarines Norte, DaetPHP 17,098.22PHP 19,472.37PHP 36,394.83PHP 52,919.32712
Camarines Sur, IrigaPHP 20,792.79PHP 22,166.93PHP 45,631.22PHP 67,129.14844
Camarines Sur, NagaPHP 20,679.69PHP 25,041.28PHP 45,348.47PHP 66,694.16772
Sorsogon, MatnogPHP 29,162.09PHP 31,536.22PHP 66,555.79PHP 99,318.801184
Sorsogon, SorsogonPHP 26,636.22PHP 28,010.36PHP 62,839.82PHP 89,603.921064


  1. This service tariff rate is exclusive to JDC Trucking Services Inc. only any alteration or change without prior consent of the company is not consider as valid transaction.
  2. The above rate is applicable to regular (standard) description of the truck specified or assigned in the contract agreement.
  3. The above rate is subject to change (-/+) depends on the market value of the necessary commodities which primary necessity in the operation.
  4. The above rate is subject to change with prior notice and agreement with the parties enjoying the subject tariff rate.
  5. The above rate is applicable to agreed working hour specified in the contract.
  6. Necessary permits needed to the commodities is client obligation.

Rates include the following;    

  1. Driver fee                                                      
  2. Helper fee (1)                                             
  3. Allowances                                                                  
  4. Parking fee                                                                 
  5. Fuel                                                                       
  6. Toll                                                                                  
  7. Insurances                                                                           
  8. Maintenance and repair                                                        
  9. Rescue and replacement (breakdown)
  10. Government permits for hauler
  11. Vat included

Rates exclude the following

  1. Overtime
  2. Demurrage
  3. Additional Trips
  4. Re-route
  5. Additional Helper
  6. Foul trip
  7. Special equipment (like; jack pallet etc.)